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Culture and transformation is poorly understood in business.
It's time we moved culture and change into the 21st century.

Do you know why... 

  1. Your transformation is not going as planned?

  2. Your employees are not embracing your corporate values?

  3. Your reorganization doesn't produce results?

  4. You hire new leaders but the culture doesn't change?

  5. You've spent millions on big consulting and their programs with little to show for it?


Now what?

Unfortunately, most major transformations (digital transformations, mergers, turnarounds, etc.) fail to deliver on promised benefits or ROI. Most waste huge amounts of time, resources, and money with minimal change. Or worse, yield more cynicism as another ill-conceived program goes by the wayside.


Our approach is different. Our work is grounded in the significant advancements in cognitive and cultural neuroscience over the last 30 years, some to which we have contributed. 


We are a boutique consultancy helping leaders and organizations transform through high impact work on culture and change, motivated by two core principles:

  1. Bridge the big gap between science and business by separating myth from reality, and by providing research and evidence-based methods pointed at hard problems

  2. Transfer knowledge and know-how to help clients develop as authors of their own transformations

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What We Do

Cultures are easy to know but hard to change. This is because they are rooted in widely shared but taken-for-granted beliefs held firmly in place by everyday business practices. What we dol:

  • Identify the atomic "logics" underpinning your cultural system

  • Give you a robust picture of the real barriers hindering transformation

  • Provide you with the architecture, tools, and skills to accelerate sustainable change across the enterprise

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