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There is a better way to do change.

Top 5 Reasons Why Planned Change Fails
  1. Change is treated as a communications and branding event.

  2. The change targets behavior and ignores psychology and emotion. Humans are not lab rats. 

  3. Change is treated as a technical problem solved by a new tool or process. The complexity of change is grossly underestimated.

  4. Change is treated mechanically: follow these steps in a linear sequence to achieve the desired outcome. Human systems and cultures aren't machines.

  5. The approach is naive or ignorant about culture.

How We Are Different

We are a boutique consultancy doing high impact work on culture and change.

Our approach is grounded in the significant advancements in cognitive and cultural neuroscience over the last 30 years, some to which we have contributed. These advancements radically improve transformation outcomes, because they leverage the cognitive and emotional realities of corporate culture and change. 

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It's time we moved culture and change into the 21st century.

What We Do

What We Do
Map Your Cultural System

We give you a robust picture of the hidden cultural barriers hindering your transformation.

We provide you with the knowledge, architecture, tools, and skills to accelerate total and sustainable transformation -- whether you are a 100 person entrepreneurial firm or a global enterprise.

Accelerate and Sustain Transformation
Empower Leaders to Master Change  

We empower your leaders to lead transformation by giving them skills and confidence they will have for life (you don't need an army of consultants to do change for you).

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How We Do It

  • Most approaches to culture are based early 20th century science -- if based on any at all. We use 21st century cognitive science to pinpoint what blocks your transformation. 

  • Real transformation requires highly skilled change leaders. We focus on developing  their capacity and range. This is not paint-by-numbers training; this is fully immersive development.

  • How you manage and develop people is not tangential. We align your people management and development system -- including its underlying logic and standards -- so that it actually sustains transformation. 

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Some of Our Clients

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