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The Cultural Mind

A periodic newsletter bridging the gap between social science and mythology on corporate culture, leadership, and change.


Digital Disruption

Corporate Culture Myths

Why Facts Aren't Just Facts

 How Leaders Lie to Themselves about Disruption

 Echo Chamber of the Orthodox: Big Consulting and Culture Change

 Hockey, Honor, and Historicity

The Southwest Airlines Meltdown

The 5 Myths of Culture

A New Way to Think About Culture

Adaptive Leadership at Southwest

Management Consulting Snake Oil

Reducing and Quantifying What is Not Reducible and Quantifiable

Change Leadership is Not Possible Without Your Own Capacity To Change

Why Do We Continue to Get Culture So Wrong? (part I)

Highlights from the Latest Gallup U.S. Employee Engagement Survey

Why Do We Continue to Get (Corporate) Culture So Wrong?

Challenging Corporate Culture BS One Myth at a Time

Myth #1: Culture is how People Behave

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