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Chris Fagan


Chris oversees Culture Logics' organizational culture research programs, and has been on the forefront of investigating and implementing empirical and quantitative approaches to measures of culture.

With Ontos Global, Chris held multi-faceted roles that has included integrated talent management development, leadership development program management, as well is guiding the strategic direction of the Ontos Global mission.

In his integrated talent management work, Chris has led senior functional stakeholder teams to develop research based content for talent development tools for the IT, Finance, Sales, Operations and Customer Service, and other functions. Chris also provides program management for Ontos’ people analytics services and leadership development programs which have thus far been delivered in multiple languages across all global regions.

Chris began his organizational development journey at Microsoft when he worked directly with HR, Engineering, IT, Research, and Sales stakeholders in the development of Microsoft’s first talent management system. This gave him valuable insight into these functions, the diverse businesses they support, and their roles within Microsoft’s global enterprise. In 2011, Microsoft tapped Chris’ knowledge, experience, and passion for understanding the needs of organizations and individuals to consult on the design of their next generation talent management system. In 2012, he helped land the enterprise wide implementation of this work by producing the content for the IT, Research and Engineering professions at Microsoft.

Prior to 2005, Chris’ diverse history included working as professional saxophone player in New York City, teaching at a European music conservatory, working at a major Wall Street financial institution, and various types of organizational research and consulting.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Government from Pomona College, and a certification in Strategic Workforce Planning from the Human Capital Institute.

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